Linda E. Petersen

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Senior Content Editor

Expert in: Casino Review Casino Payments
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Oshawa, ON L1G 6Z8


Linda is a formidable presence in the online gambling landscape. She has been passionate about table and live casinos since she began as an avid hobbyist, and through her extensive experience was able to make a successful transition into being one of Canada’s most trusted voices for casino reviews. With impeccable attention to detail, Linda helps players navigate complex game mechanics with ease so that they can confidently choose which games are right for them – all while making sure those same players get only the best available conditions when playing at Canadian-based sites! Her long history in this industry makes her expertise invaluable; no wonder she remains such an important resource within the gaming community today. 

As a result, Linda transitioned to writing online casino reviews and has been successfully developing this activity for many-many years. She is passionate about helping players make informed decisions and get the most favorable conditions for playing in Canada. She expertise and commitment to providing reliable information have made him a trusted source in the online gambling community. website is certified by:

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